Work Injury Solutions provides individual or group training that focuses on identifying and reducing risk factors for MSDs within office or industrial settings. Recommendations to reduce ergonomic risk factors include:

  • Proper posture and body mechanics
  • Stretching exercises
  • Free or low-cost work station modifications such as chair and workstation height adjustments
  • Alternative work methods such as correct lifting techniques or using keyboard commands instead of a mouse or another pointing device

Who Benefits?


Employees learn not only specific techniques to reduce risk factors for MSDs, but also how MSDs develop and the long-term implications of MSDs in their personal and work life. Ergonomic training benefits a wide variety of employees, including administrative assistants, engineers, administrative (finance, accounting, and human resource) personnel, material handlers, assembly line workers, electric and gas utility workers, and more.


Ergonomic training for supervisors and managers focuses on the same topics addressed with employees, plus discussion of topics such as:

  • Specific MSDs associated with various types of work and ergonomic risk factors
  • Optimal workstation design and more extensive modifications to prevent work-related MSDs
  • Recommendations to minimize exposure to risk factors for MSDs such as material handling equipment
  • Costs – both direct and indirect – associated with MSDs