Office Ergonomics Analysis and Consulting

Work Injury Solutions identifies specific recommendations to improve the overall health of the office environment and reduce preventable work-related MSDs. Our consulting services include:

Detailed ergonomic assessments of employee posture and movement and work methods in office settings that may be ergonomic risk factors for work-related MSDs. This includes:

  • Analysis of computer workstation and recommendations to upper extremity and spine MSDs
  • Evaluation of chair, desk, keyboard, pointing device and monitor
  • Recommendation of proper posture, movement and work methods to minimize exposure to risk factors for MSDs identified in the ergonomic assessment. This includes detailed written documentation outlining the ergonomic issues and verbal and written recommendations with photos regarding:
    • chair adjustments
    • keyboard height and location
    • pointing device height and location
    • alternative keyboards and pointing devices
    • monitor height and location
  • Provision of worker, supervisor and manager training as related to identified work injury prevention techniques, including resources for ergonomic improvements as indicated
  • Identification of additional resources for ergonomic improvements
  • Assistance to businesses in developing an ergonomics process for requesting a job analysis and implementing recommendations